PETRO WASTE ENVIRONMENTAL LP Scale House Operator-Hohn Road Landfill in NORDHEIM, Texas

Position Title: Scale House Operator Exemption Status: Non-Exempt Position Purpose: The Scale House Operator is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring and recording of RRC-approved oil & gas associated waste entering the landfill site, while collecting and reviewing appropriate paperwork. This position requires a self-motivated individual, capable of processing complex waste processes while adhering to the highest safety standards. Essential Job Functions: The Scale House Operator must be able to perform all of the following duties and responsibilities with or without a reasonable accommodation. Monitors waste for signs of unacceptable waste. Obtains information regarding material entering landfill to properly bill the customer and track the total amount and type of waste entering the landfill. Accepts or rejects load based on content and suggests possible alternatives based on personal disposal knowledge, special waste training and type of waste. Provides a receipt to the customer and documents the waste entering the landfill. Handles special waste loads by processing required paperwork, and by notifying operations of an incoming special load via a 2-way radio for proper dispatch. Utilizes scale equipment and POS system to record gross/tare weights and transaction details of incoming waste. Balances the daily receipts to ensure accurate record keeping and appropriate billing. Answers the telephone and provide general information to callers. Maintains cleanliness of the scale house. Accomplishes multiple tasks within established timeframes. Identifies and reports problems; gathers needed information to develop solutions. Reports customer and/or supplier problems to management and responds promptly to customer needs. Follows safety and security procedures; proactively addresses and/or reports potentially unsafe conditions. Other job-related duties that may reasonably be assigned. Education/Experience: The minimum educational background of an applicant to this position is a high school diploma or G.E.D; previous experience working at sites regulated by OSHA. Ideal candidates will have oil and gas industry experience; working knowledge of computers, computer software and computer systems. In addition, a qualified applicant will have: Ability to read, write and speak English concisely. Ability to build good working relationships and work as part of a team. Ability to work different shifts on a 24/7 operation; including, weekends and holidays on a routine basis. Knowledge and Competencies: Communication -- Effectively conveys information to customer and coworkers; listens to and understands others; gets clarification when necessary; responds informatively to questions; interacts with all levels of organization; presents data effectively; reads and interprets written information. Customer Service -- Within reason, does what it takes to meet expectations of internal and external customers; acts in a professional, courteous and cooperative manner towards customers and coworkers. Dependable -- Is someone supervisors and coworkers can count on; follows through and does what he/she says he/she will do; shows up for work on time and adheres to the established work schedule. Oil and Gas Industry Knowledge -- Knowledge of waste that may or may not be accepted by the landfill. Endurance Sticks with task until it is completed in the most productive and safe manner; works through challenges that come up. Ethics Adheres to the policies and rules set forth by Petro Waste Environmental; does not allow himself/herself or customers to bend the rules or cut corners; is trustworthy and honest. Multitasking Shifts back and forth as needed between two or more activities or customer requests; can do more than one thing during the same time period. Record Keeping Conducts and keeps records regarding financial transactions with customers; records informa Eagle Ford