Will be responsible for the health and safety of all employees who are directly involved with the workover operations. Directly responsible to the superintendent for carrying out work assigned to the rig. Responsible for work and training of the crew and operation of the rig. Supervise all personnel, ensures machinery is in a safe operating condition. You will ensure the whole workover process runs smoothly, from killing the well, pulling the completion string, on to setting new packers and running new tubing. Supervise the crew in the operation of the rig, the work performed on the well and documenting daily activities in an efficient and professional manner, and is responsible for daily paperwork and other matters of business pertaining to the Rig. The Rig supervisor ensures that the rig operations comply with the environmental and government regulations as well as regulation the production and costs therein. A class B-CDL is required for this position. Must work for safety as a team! Must know his/her job and stay constantly alert to what is going on. Use PPE, use proper tools, and learn to foresee and prevent accidents and use stairs and ladders as intended. Eagle Ford