This position primarily responsible for working on a workover rig in a derrick above the ground approximately 50'-105' feet for guiding tubing, instruments and tools into the well. He must always be watching and maintaining proper well control, the rate of circulation and performing preventative maintenance. The Derrickhand has to be able to identify and avoid potential problems and is responsible for the operations of the pump truck, moving the rig, setting up and tearing down the rig, as well as assists in training junior crew members. This position is also considered a lead hand. When a derrickman is not needed on a rig his responsibilities are but not limited to working on the yard which consist of general upkeep and cleaning of all yard and shop facilities and offices. Must work for safety as a team! Must know his/her job and stay constantly alert to what is going on. Use PPE, use proper tools, and learn to foresee and prevent accidents and use stairs and ladders as intended. Eagle Ford