A floorhand's primary responsibility is working on a workover rig and/or working in the yard. Floorhands are part of a 3-5 person workover rig crew that performs services on oil and gas wells. Assists in rigging up and down, pulling/laying down rods, tubing and casing. Floorhand rigs up/down guy wires, hydraulic jack, pads/boards and emergency gear, in addition to maintaining a clean and organized work environment, also is responsible for making sure that all of the equipment is in proper working order, which includes cleaning, greasing, fueling, fixing and changing oil. Floorhands assists other crew members as required and report to the operator. When a floorhand is not needed on a rig his responsibilities are but not limited to working on the yard which consist of general upkeep and cleaning of all yard and shop facilities and offices. Must work for safety as a team! Must know his/her job and stay constantly alert to what is going on. Use PPE, use proper tools, and learn to foresee and prevent accidents and use stairs and ladders as intended. If an applicant has 6mths or more experience in this position the current hourly rate is very competitive in the industry. Eagle Ford